I do my best to make my every day BEAUTIFUL since … I won’t hide it – 1967.

For others to be BEAUTIFUL (Lepo) too, and even MORE BEAUTIFUL (Lepše), my husband and I founded our Antiaging Centre in 2018.

The women and men who use our services say that after treatment they feel YOUNGER (Mlađe).

So there you have the origin of the name and the slogan Lepo-Lepše … Mlađe.“.

About us: Managing Director Sonja Babic-Lythgoe, Lepo-Lepse

Sonja Babić – Lythgoe

Director, Lepo-Lepše d.o.o.

I have a degree in civil hydro engineering and an MBA from the Edinburgh Business School. Since 2001, I have led the successful consulting and translation company Halifax Consulting in Belgrade. Now I am in what seem to be completely different waters.

Antiaging, engineering, business, consulting, translation – what do they have in common?

Trust… Professionalism… Fairness… Belief… Honesty… Respect… The long-term…

Give respect to gain it. Don’t put profit before morals. Know that the tower you are building must rest on solid foundations, otherwise it will collapse. Have the strength, will and energy to give to others. They will return it.

It is important to find the right way for people to come to you, it is even more important that they leave knowing that they got what they came for. And that knowledge lasts … today, tomorrow, in the coming months and years. And then these people come back to you, with their friends and family.

Antiaging treatments are no longer just a privilege of the rich.

Lepo-Lepše is here to give you all this. We want you to have:


The experience of beauty