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Treatment zone:

Problems to be solved:
Unwanted tattoos

Results of treatment:
Unwanted tattoos removed

Device used:
PicoSure Nd Yag laser

Recommended season:
All year round, but not in the summer if it is in a place exposed to the sun

Treatment period:
Several times, until the tattoo is gone

Tattoo removal

Tattoo removal is a technique by which a laser beam penetrates deep into the skin, breaking up compact particles of pigment into tiny fragments. In this way the PicoSure Nd Yag laser removes unwanted multicoloured and monochromatic tattoos, rapidly and effectively.

Laser removal of tattoos

PicoSure lasers of the latest generation act exclusively on the pigment, producing a short pulse so there is no damage to the surrounding tissue. Thanks to its specific wavelength, the laser beam only affects the treated pigment without damaging surrounding tissue. The pigment breaks down into particles that are resorbed by the lymphatic system.

We use a high-power laser with a broad-diameter energy beam. A large area is treated per unit of time, speeding up the process. The diameter of the beam in the picosecond laser is adjustable, which allows great flexibility in operation. Most importantly, unlike classic Nd Yag lasers, picosecond lasers emit pulses whose duration is measured in picoseconds. The reduced pulse duration allows the pulse strength to be increased without damaging the tissue. All this makes the process of tattoo removal safer, more efficient and faster.

Certificate for use of equipment
Picosure Nd Yag laser
CE certificate, Picosure Nd Yag laser

Who can benefit from laser tattoo removal?

Anyone who no longer likes the shape, size, colour or just the existence of a tattoo, and has decided to completely or partially remove it and move on from their past.

Is any special preparation required before treatment?

Before the treatment you should shave the area to be treated You should avoid sunbathing or solarium for a few weeks before the treatment, and do not use deodorant.

Is laser tattoo removal painful?

In most cases, anesthesia is not needed because the treatment is not painful, although it can be somewhat uncomfortable. You will feel a little tingling or burning, but it will in any case be much less unpleasant than the tattooing itself.
If necessary, tattoo removal can be performed under local anesthesia, which is applied in the form of a gel or cream. Applying ice during and after the treatment can also reduce an unpleasant feeling.
The treated region becomes dark brown in colour and very slightly swollen. The burning sensation lasts for about twenty minutes after the treatment.

Laser removal of tattoos

How many laser tattoo removal treatments are needed?

Just as each person is different, so each tattoo is a story to itself. The number of treatments depends on the size and type of tattoo, and the characteristics of the client’s skin. Monochrome, shallower tattoos are the easiest to remove. Tattoo removal is usually performed with 5 to 7 treatments, at an interval of 8 weeks.

The time until the final disappearance of the tattoo depends on many factors (the depth at which the pigment is inserted, the size of the tattoo, the color and type of pigment, the age of the tattoo, etc.)

Each pigment requires an appropriate wavelength and each color is taken in a separate treatment. In principle it is more difficult to remove tattoos with so-called “mixed” pigment, tattoos that are subsequently overtattooed, those that contain yellow and tattoos on distant parts of the body like the ankles. The success of the treatment is also influenced by our defensive cells and their ability to remove pigment.

If you should wish to remove the tattoo immediately after it is placed, this is unfortunately impossible. You must wait at least 6 months, one year is recommended for an effective result and for the skin to be preserved.

Sometimes it is not possible to completely remove a tattoo, but in such cases only its outlines and only a few parts remain. This is especially true for tattoos with yellow, mixed pigment and those that have been tattooed several times.

How long is the recovery time?

In the first few hours after the treatment, you will have a subjective feeling of warmth (like sunburn) in the treated region, and this is treated with cold compresses.

After losing its pigment, the new skin is extremely sensitive to solar radiation, so UV protection must be used for at least 3 months after the treatment. The final result of the treatment can be expected after 6 months from the end of the last treatment.

While various tattoo removal treatments can frequently result in developing consequences, the likelihood of this is practically negligible with the PicoSure Nd Yag laser treatment.

To be absolutely certain, only a small part of the tattoo is treated during the first session, to examine the appearance of colour conversion after absorption of the laser beam (which occurs due to impurities in the pigment), and to detect the possibility of an allergic reaction to components of sprayed pigment.

In some cases, the side effects of laser tattoo removal can be pain, redness, hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin at the treatment site) and hypopigmentation (skin color becomes duller and with less pigment at the treatment site). An infection is also a possible complication if you do not follow the precautionary measures.

Is any post-treatment therapy required?

Is any post-treatment therapy required after laser tattoo removal?
Post-intervention treatment involves the use of ice and antibiotic ointments or creams at the treated site for the next 4 or 5 days.

For 3-4 days after the treatment, avoid washing the treated region with hot water, or exposing it to heat (sauna, steam bath) or to sunshine. You can wash the treated region, but without using sponges or soap, just lightly pat the treated area with a towel, without rubbing. You can use mild moisturizing cream if you apply it gently.

Laser removal of tattoos

Is this treatment also recommended for men?

Of course!

Price of laser tattoo removal

Our list price for laser tattoo removal is
from 4,200 RSD.

See our complete price list here,
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