Top Ten most popular treatments

Our clients at Lepo-Lepše Anti Aging Centre have their own list of the Top 10 most popular treatments. This is what they book most:

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal, face and body

Smooth, forever!

Permanent removal of unwanted hair from all areas of the face and body, using triple-wavelength diode lasers 755+808+1064 nm – simple, fast and painless.


Hygienic facial cleansing treatments

Higijenski tretman čišćenja lica

First steps to a well cared-for face

Superficial and deep cleansing of the skin from blackheads, impurities and dead cells, with regulation of sebum levels, so that your face is prepared for all kinds of anti aging treatments or care.




Shaping the body

A weight loss and body reshaping programme that reduces fat deposits. Based on intensive cooling of the fat cells, this is an innovative, non-invasive, painless, non-surgical method.


Arkana Bo2look + V-zone therapy

Arkana – Bo2look + V Zone Therapy

Wrinkles gone with a smile

This treatment is an alternative to Botox and Mesonite. It is based on the use of two serums, which are inspired by the effects of the popular Botox for relaxing facial muscles and the effect of Mesonite for tightening the skin of the face and V zone.


DermaOXY – Anti aging with oxygen and serums

DermaOXY – Anti aging with oxygen and serums

Mesotherapy without needles

Nourish your skin in depth, with the highest quality anti aging serum based on hyaluronic acid, peptides and vitamins, WITHOUT needles, and with the help of oxygen. The original Danish technology combines device and substances effectively reducing signs of aging and slowing their appearance.


GreePeel treatments

Green Peel treatments

The power of natural beauty

Organic herbal treatments for solving problems and caring for the face, neck and décolletage, for skin renewal, a more vital complexion and instant beautification. Includes GREEN PEEL® Fresh Up, Energy and Classic treatments, refreshing Hydra, Antiage and Rosacea Sensiderm treatments, Black Clearing, Detox and Mela White.


Black Doll laser treatment

Black Doll laser treatment

All dolled up

Laser skin rejuvenation treatment – quickly done but immediate results! Reduce skin imperfections and pores, eliminate impurities in the form of blackheads. Reduce the signs of aging. Your skin will feel fresh, tight and clean.


BTL Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage

Tired of being tired?

A therapeutic method that stimulates the flow of lymph through the body and eliminates accumulated toxins. It avoids the risk of bruising or bursting of superficial capillaries, which can occur with classic manual lymphatic drainage. Recommended for people with sensitive surface capillaries prone to busting.


Tottoo removal

Tattoo removal

Gone with the laser

The PicoSure Nd Yag laser is the most effective way of removing unwanted multi-coloured or monochrome tattoos. It acts exclusively on the pigment, without damaging the surrounding tissue. The pigment is broken down into particles small enough to be resorbed by the lymphatic system.


Arkana Neuro Gaba Nana Lift Therapy

ARKANA Advanced NEURO Skin Care

Neurocosmetics care for the skin’s emotions

Non-invasive treatments for care and problem-solving. A scientifically based approach to treating every skin problem, with a combination of traditional and neuro-cosmetics. Materials with maximum concentrations of active substances, with immediately visible results.