Neurocosmetics care for the skin's emotions

Non-invasive treatments
for problems and for care

Arkana is the first professional brand in Europe to take a step towards neurocosmetics – the future in skin care – without compromising effectiveness or safety.

Neurocosmetics are based on the belief that the brain and skin are connected by a complex communication system, and that emotions can impact the skin’s appearance. It is based on the fact that the skin is an extremely sensitive organ that both perceives and manifests stress. For the first time, the skin is treated not only as a “natural suit”, but as a complex organ that connects the external and internal world and possesses an independent “intelligence” that competes with our nervous system in its complexity.

Integrating neurotransmitters into cosmetic preparations serves to maintain brain-skin communication, necessary for a healthy and youthful appearance of the skin. Thanks to this, ARKANA Advanced NEURO Skin Care stimulates skin rejuvenation in a non-invasive way, reduces the effects of stress and the consequences of civilization diseases, and so to speak”cures” dermatological complaints.

Why do our clients choose Arkana neurocosmetics?

  • A scientifically-based approach to treating any skin problem
  • Synergistic action of traditional and neurocosmetics
  • Unique products that differentiate Arkana treatments from others on the market
  • Maximum concentration of active substances in preparations
  • Immediately visible results after each treatment
  • European leaders in developing and patenting the most effective active components
  • Innovations that follow leading trends in aesthetics
  • Solutions to problems for which other brands have no effective answer
  • High-quality line of products for home care to maintain the effects of treatment
Besplatne konsultacije

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Home care cosmetics line

ARKANA Advanced NEURO Skin Care was created as a narrow selection of products adapted to skin care before, during and after treatment with fruit acids.

Combining these products with acids and regenerative substances for accelerated skin recovery provides maximum effectiveness and comfort, improves the results of the treatment and prolongs the effects.

DOWNLOAD: Arkana home care products price list

Treatment zones for ARKANA therapies:
Face / Throat / Décolletage / Back / Hands

Recommended seasons for ARKANA treatments:
All year round, except treatments marked photosensitive

ARKANA treatment periods:
Periodically or in series, depending on skin condition

Are ARKANA treatments recommended for men?

How long is the recovery time after ARKANA treatments?
No recovery is necessary.

Is any special preparation required before ARKANA treatments?
No special preparation is needed.

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