FAQ - interior at Lepo-Lepše

1. Are antiaging procedures painfull?

The procedures are mostly painless and you will often be able to relax and take a pleasant rest.

With some procedures, redness and mild to moderate swelling are possible. These recede in a short period. If necessary, these changes can be covered with your standard make-up foundation.

2. How often should I repeat an antiaging procedure?

The number of repetitions depends on the treatment.

For example:

  • Deep cleansing of the face with Black Doll treatment is recommended in a series of 3 related treatments with 15 to 30 days between treatments
  • For the full effect of permanent epilation, it takes 4-8 repetitions.
  • DermaOXY oxygen treatment for nutrition and regeneration of the skin of the face and décolletage is recommended in a series of 6 treatments.

3. How can I pay at the Lepo-Lepše antiaging centre?

You can pay in the following ways:

  • Cash
  • m-Banking
  • Cheques, in 3 installments
  • Credit/Debit cards
  • Bank transfer
  • Special arrangements may be made with legal entities and sole traders, with the contract defining conditions and method of payment (see page B2B OFFER)

4. Where are you / How do I find you / What are your working hours?

You can find all of this on the CONTACT page.

5. I need a consultation about some treatments…

You can use several digital communication channels to contact us, choose the way that suits you best on the CONTACT page.

You can have a FREE CONSULTATION over any of the digital communication channels, or in person at our premises. .

6. I’d like to schedule a treatment…

Visit the BOOK A TREATMENTpage, or if it is more convenient call us, mail us or use a chat channel (Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram…).

7. Are these treatments suitable for men?

We have listed all the treatments suitable for men on the TREATMENTS FOR MEN page.

At the bottom of each individual treatment page, there is also a note on whether the treatment is suitable for men.

8. I’d like to give my loved one a present of a treatment at Lepo-Lepše antiaging centre…

For your loved ones and for all important dates, we have prepared value vouchers, which you can see on the GIFT VOUCHERS page.