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Personal diet with anti-ageing treatments
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Treatment zone:
The body as the final outcome, through a change of awareness about nutrition.

Problems to be solved:
Regulation of body weight (reduction or healthy increase) and improved health.

Results of treatment:
Depends on the initial condition. Loss of up to 5 kg per month.

Devices used::

Recommended season:
All year round

Treatment period:
4-week nutrition plan

Individual nutrition plan and nutritionist's advice

An individual diet plan tailored to your needs, aiming at healthy eating habits. The programme begins by examining your history, and measuring and analyzing your body composition This is followed by a one-month diet proposal with a menu and recipes, and a proposal for developing new habits. Regular consultations with a nutritionist are planned. The programme is led by Dajana Švraka Milutinović, MSc, as part of a holistic offer with anti-ageing treatments.

Diana Švraka Milutinović has a master’s degree in pharmacy, another in nutrition and supplements, and is the author and owner of the brand Dashinasuperhrana (Dasha’sSuperFood), which aims to develop a healthy lifestyle and prevention through a balanced diet. She is dedicated to science and nutrition, with a mission of developing an original scientific contribution through nutritional modifications in a new therapeutic approach in the treatment of infertility.

She is one of the few masters of nutrition and supplements in Serbia and the entire region, with special scientific and practical expertise in these areas: basics of proper nutrition and supplements, nutrition planning with dietetics, principles of sports nutrition and supplements, principles of nutrition and supplements for special groups, the role and importance dietary supplements, nutrition from research to recommendation and dietotherapy. Diana has made her own original scientific contribution in the field of treating sterility with proper nutrition.

Diana also developed her practical knowledge and skills as a multi-year professional associate at the pharmaceutical company Hemofarm, advocating for improving public awareness of the importance of healthy habits and a lifestyle based on prevention. She has also successfully worked with human resources development through training and coaching in the corporate environment.

Today, Diana is one of the leading expert consultants for therapeutic and healthy nutrition, but also a consultant in the continuous career development of medical and pharmaceutical professionals.

Dasha’s Super Food
nutrition plan
nutrition plan

Who can benefit from an individual nutrition plan?

This is intended for healthy people and for special groups (pregnant women, nursing mothers, certain diseases). The plan is designed for weight regulation (reduction or healthy gain) and health improvement.

What does the personal nutrition plan involve?

Eating should not be boring or unhealthy, and preparing meals should not be a burden. The individual plan is a 4-week nutrition programme created exclusively for you, adapted to your needs, your body, your time and tastes. There is a diet for everyone’s taste, so you will enjoy every mouthful. This program is not just a diet plan, but your plan to develop healthier habits!

Is any special preparation required before the programme?

No. All it takes is good will to make positive dietary changes.

How long does the programme last?

After the first meeting with the nutritionist, it takes 3 to 5 working days to create an individual nutrition plan. Over a period of one month putting the plan into effect an almost daily consultation (at least 3 times a week) is desirable, to monitor the results and if necessary correct the plan.

Individual nutrition plan and nutritionist’s advice
Individual nutrition plan and nutritionist’s advice
Individual nutrition plan and nutritionist’s advice

When are the first results of the personal plan visible?

Depending on the initial condition and body characteristics, and on adherence to the diet plan, a weight loss of up to 5 kg per month may be expected.

Can the personal nutrition plan be combined with any other treatment for better effect?

Depending on your body characteristics, you will be recommended anti-ageing treatments that promote the processes of weight loss and body shaping in the desired areas.

Is this treatment also recommended for men?

Yes, of course

Price of the personal nutrition plan

Our list price for the personal nutrition plan is
18,000 RSD.

The option of consultations on individual nutrition only, with advice on foodstuffs (which to include and which to exclude), but without a monthly diet plan, costs RSD 11,000.

See our full price list here,
or call us to check current special offers!

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Individual nutrition plan and nutritionist’s advice

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