After three years of work, Lepo-Lepše Antiaging Centre has designed a completely new visual identity and a new web site, where you are right now. But that’s not the end of the novelties…

Let’s start at the beginning. Somehow in the spring, as an old song says, the team leading the Lepo-Lepše project realized something wasn’t right: the pleasant atmosphere, the level of service and the huge satisfaction of our regular clients were out of line with how Lepo-Lepše was presented to the public!

So we decided to set up a creative strategy that will best present the richness of the range of treatments on offer and the delightful user experience of those who choose them. Thus was born the new company slogan: Lepo – Lepše… Mlađe!, which in English sounds a bit clumsy but means the same: Beautiful, More beautiful – Younger!. But we also created a promotional title that incorporates not just the result of our treatments – beauty, but also the the pleasure of the process – the experience

The experience of beauty

We formed a creative team that set out to implement a creative strategy, so as to carry out all our ideas (primarily digital) for better communication with clients. A new Lepo-Lepše logo was created, and the company slogan became an integral part of it. We made a series of new photos of the premises and equipment, the team of therapists and of almost all the treatments on offer.

Then it was the turn for the new website, as the most complex part of the whole creative puzzle. It combines everything that has been done before: creative messages and texts, elements of visual identity, and photographs – all programmatically packaged into a functional whole.


enterijer salona Lepo Lepše


What’s new on the new web site?

First of all, it now has this blog section that you are reading. But its essential novelty is the treatments presented in a completely different way – both textually and visually. New pages have been added to provide you with a wider range of information. The design of the site is much more adapted for mobile devices and all the channels of modern digital communication.

In terms of content, the biggest novelty is the group of Green Peel treatments, a global hit in the field of herbal peeling that treats problems, but also works on skin care and prevention. Online treatment booking, a review of all the benefits and an offer for companies have also been introduced.


What else?

The Lepo-Lepše social media pages will undergo a similar transformation, with new messages, more interesting announcements, more attractive design… Visitors on social media will also have the opportunity for more frequent and better communication with Lepo-Lepše.

This is a brief cross-section of the creative work that has lasted about five months. Visit the blog section here from tie to time, because you will be the first to find out what’s new at Lepo-Lepše – especially if you sign up for our e-mailing.