Our blog section on the new website will occasionally publish the impressions of Lepo-Lepše Antiaging Centre clients who were inspired enough to write how they experienced our treatment.

This time we present the Kadribašić family, who have lived in the United States for decades – parents in Florida, and adult children in California. After visiting their homeland in Bosnia and Herzegovina, they came to Belgrade for an extended tourist weekend in early August.



Cosmetic tourism in Belgrade

It was an opportunity to try cosmetic tourism as well – one Saturday afternoon they visited Lepo-Lepše. Here is what Dubravka Kadribašić says about it:


Going to the Lepo-Lepše Salon reminds me of that old advertisement “Let’s make a deal”. There you can really arrange an approach to beauty in a way that suits you. Let’s start with time. Since relaxation is an integral part of every treatment, it’s important to come when you have enough time. The staff of this antiaging centre will definitely do their best to accommodate you.

Then the approach to the treatment itself: while some salons won’t allow you to start treatment until you commit to a number of visits, Lepo-Lepše gives you the opportunity to come and try how the treatment suits you. They know that only a satisfied customer returns, and in our case as tourists in Belgrade, they knew that we are not really in a position to become regular customers anyhow. But they were happy to let us do only that one treatment, even for laser hair removal, which usually requires several treatments to get a visible result.

There is also the flexibility. My husband, daughter and I were scheduled for treatments, and our son came with us. When he saw how everything was going so nicely and how satisfied we were, he asked the staff if he could also get a treatment that day. Of course he could. That is how our family trip to Lepo-Lepše came to a successful conclusion.

An oasis of peace, a relaxing treatment on the way to health and beauty, a glass of conversation with the pleasant staff and sometimes the owner, plus, of course, a refreshing drink, was just what we needed these hot summer days. When we all gather in Belgrade again, we’ll come back!


The Kadribašić family


Instead of a conclusion

At the end of this first client blog post, we would like to remind you of all the Lepo-Lepše benefits Kadribašići enjoyed:


Welcome to Lepo-Lepše, as inhabitants of Belgrade or as cosmetic tourists!