Our mascot Lena and her colleagues from Lepo-Lepše Antiaging Centre have been regularly asking our clients for years what attracted them to us rather than to our competitors. From all of their responses, we’ve put together this six-step overview of their journey from curious to customer.

Our omnichannel approach is focused on our clients to provide them with a consistent and uninterrupted experience in all phases of communication and time in our salon: information before booking a treatment, benefits for choosing a treatment, then through easy booking, comfortable preparation, privacy and security during the treatment and, finally, a pleasant time after the treatment.

A Before booking

1 Quality of online access

Our web site and social media tell who we are

2 A pleasant milieu at the salon

360º virtual tour and photo/video gallery

3 Easily accessible location

Banovo Brdo centre, with rapid connections throughout Belgrade

4 Convenient for mothers with children and a car

A play-house 100m away + a parking house or free street parking

B Choice of treatments

1 Free consultation

Online or live, everything about treatments and prices

2 Detailed descriptions, photos and videos

Web pages for treatments with all data

3 Regular promotional offers

C Easy booking

1 A phone call

(011) 357 1802

(063) 355 405

2 Immediate direct messaging

SMSViberInstagramFB MessengerWhatsApp

3 e-mail


4 Online booking form


D Before treatment

1 Comfortable, spacious foyer 

Wi-fi, music, refreshments, WC, terrace

2 Scrupulous hygeine

Hand disinfectant, hygeinic overshoes

E Privacy and security during treatment

1 We value your privacy

  • Separate treatment rooms
  • No disturbance during treatment
  • Chat with the therapist if it suits you

2 Certified therapists and equipment

  • Polite and friendly therapists
  • Equipment to EU standards

3 Professional materials and procedures

  • Original materials for treatments
  • Same procedures for promo and regular treatments
  • Single-use materials

4 Before the treatment begins

Therapist answers all your questions

F Pleasant after the treatment too

1 Active follow-up

Salf of home-care cosmetic products

Purchase of gift vouchers

2 Choice of payment options

Cash, m-banking, transfer, checks in 3 installments, payment cards

Welcome to your (new or old) beauty spot! Yes, antiaging too.