We have designed two new body treatment packages for young mothers with children up to 4 years old, who are not breastfeeding. Young mothers have certain restrictions on which treatments they can use.

At Lepo-Lepše Antiaging Centre, we point out to our clients possible contraindications for each treatment due to specific conditions of the female organism. Pregnancy, childbirth, and the period of breastfeeding are situations when women have limits to which treatments they can undergo. Our social responsibility as a company has inspired us to make this clear to all our existing and potential clients. We suggest suggest you first watch the video on this topic, then read the further explanations below.

The safe way to beauty for young mothers

We support parenthood, we think that motherhood is the most beautiful time of a woman’s life, even though it is certainly not the easiest. The enjoyment of raising a child takes precedence over the enjoyment of nurturing beauty, because beauty is not the first priority.

During pregnancy, after childbirth and during breastfeeding, many face and body treatments are not recommended and some are completely prohibited. In the first 6 to 12 months after childbirth, it is not safe to do body treatments, either because of a hard stomach after childbirth, because of diastasis which is quite common today, or because of breastfeeding. If a client insists on treatment, especially cryolipolysis, in the first 6 months after childbirth, we ask for a doctor’s opinion.

That’s why we advise young mothers: do not do any face and body treatments for at least 6 months, and preferably until breastfeeding is over.

Beauty for a young mother at affordable prices

After she has dedicated, or rather subordinated her body, face and beauty to the birth and care of a baby, a young mother now deserves to relax and enjoy some treatments at an affordable price.

At Lepo-Lepše antiaging center, we have two packages of body treatments for tummy tightening and body remodeling, at an excellent price. They are designed precisely for young mothers with children up to four years of age who have stopped breastfeeding:

PACKET FOR YOUNG MOTHERS 1 (tummy tightening)

Instead of 20,400 RSD, the price is 15,000 RSD.

GIFT: Green Peel Hydra / Antiage / Rosacea Sensiderm (usual price 6,000 RSD)

PACKET FOR YOUNG MOTHERS  2 (Body remodelling)

Instead of 40,000 RSD, the price is 25,000 RSD.

GIFT: Green Peel Hydra / Antiage / Rosacea Sensiderm (usual price 6,000 RSD)

As you can see, we haven’t forgotten your face. Along with these body treatments, we give you a natural, refreshing Green Peel Hydra / Antiage / Rosacea Sensiderm facial treatment, adapted to your skin type and condition. All the changes you go through have an effect on your face, which can somehow go unnoticed due to the focus on your body. That’s why we’re here, to help even in the part that doesn’t seem urgent to you.

To book these treatment packages at an affordable price, just show in any way that your child is under 4 years old.

… and other benefits for mothers with children

When your child is old enough and the moment comes for mum to do something for her beauty, coming to Lepo-Lepše Antiaging Centre with a child does not have to be a problem.

A relaxed visit with a child because:

  • a parking house 100m from the salon;
  • a Playhouse for older children 100m from the salon;
  • if your child is over 4 years old, bring them with you, there are colouring books and crayons waiting, so that s/he can have fun with us while mum is being treated.

We will continue to listen to your needs and provide what you wish for, because we are here for you and your satisfaction. And we know what made you choose Lepo-Lepše for beauty care?